Hiya! So I finished December Heart! Woop Woop! Now the editing stage, yawn. Still, it has to be done I suppose, though I must admit that writing this blog now is really just me procrastinating. Oops.
Anyways, I got to thinking the other day about how music plays such a big part in my life, especially when I am writing.
I know it's not for everyone, some people can only write in complete silence, with no distractions or disturbance.  For me, I can't write without music. Apart from the variety of emotions that music can evoke for me, it can also put me in the mood for a certain scene in my story.
For example, if I'm writing a sad piece, I'll play a sad old love song but if my characters are about to get jiggy, I'll play some R&B or such like, you know to, ahem, put me in the mood. My music taste is very eclectic though so a bit of Rock could suit the moment too!
Sometimes though, music plays no part in what I actually write but simply spurs me on. A couple of months ago, I found the Red Hot Chili Peppers buried deep in my Ipod, so I dusted them off and let them have a cheeky croon and I got almost 5000 words written in an afternoon.
See? Writing to music works for me, like I say though, it's not for everyone.
No more putting it off now, back to the editing! See you when I surface. :-(
Bye for now x