Hello. I'm back from Thailand now, actually I've been back for a week but typically it's taken me that long to get round to writing this entry. I have spent most of today trying to update this whole website.  I wanted to add some extracts from my various projects, and the plan was to add some pictures too. Unfortunately my 'widgets' wouldn't upload!! I honestly have no idea what it all means so I have given up for now! I accept I am no technology guru and until I can get someone who has even half a clue, this website is as it is.  Sorry!
I began a new project whilst in Thailand, 'Laid Bare'. I'm not too sure where it is going to go yet and it's a lot darker than any of my previous works but hey its fun to experiment right? I've added a few extracts from it on the Book Previews page as well as some from "Is It Really You?" which I'm probably three-quarters of the way through to finishing. Enjoy!

Bye for now x