Well it's been an interesting few weeks since the release of Ten Yen True. We've arranged  to do a virtual blog tour which begins on April 8th. My aunt and I also took part in a Q&A session for the website of the author Theresa Crater. You can view it at www.theresacrater.com
I must explain one of my answers to that actually. One of the questions was which 6 people I'd have at a magical dinner party. My answer was completely truthful; Sylvia Plath, William Wordsworth, David Beckham, Robbie Williams, Margaret Thatcher and of course my aunt, Christina Stclair. A few people pointed out to me that the Beckham and Robbie mentions might make me sound shallow and less than serious. I disagree, 1) I really would like to meet them. 2) I don't take myself too seriously and I wanted that to come across. So there you go, judge me if you wish. ;-)
Anyway, the next exciting development came just this week. One of my followers on Twitter (@zhoniu) who is such a talented artist and storyteller, as well as an all round sweet guy, asked me to guest blog for his website. I really was honoured. He basically wrote his whole journal around Ten Yen True, including pictures, a synopsis and links to purchase the book as well as links to our websites. I am so grateful to him, I'm sure he has single-handedly generated about half of the interest in Ten Yen True just by doing that. What a guy?! Check him and his wonderful work out on www.zhoniuart.com
So, now it's a case of plugging the book until the blog tour begins and preparing for my trip to Kentucky where I hope to give some readings as well as celebrate with my aunt.
I'm also talking to some local independant book stores with regard to maybe having some signings etc, not sure how that will pan out, but hey, I've plenty of friends and family that will come along and support me if nothing else!
That's about it from me at the moment, so I'm going to get on with writing Ten Yen Forever now, which btw, is coming along well, lots of ideas bouncing around. And if I stop procrastinating, I can get them written down....;-)

Bye for now x