Helloooo! Apologies, it's been a while since my last blog. Remember? The one in which I said I'd blog from my holiday? Yep, that one! Ooops!
Anyway, I'm back now, actually have been back a while, another fail!
I'm starting to think this is turning more into a personal diary entry so I'm going to try and steer things more toward the professional side of my life, the writing part.
I came to realise when on holiday, the power of social networking like Twitter when it comes to marketing. I actually downloaded 2 books onto my Kindle written by two authors that follow me.
These were Saddle Sore by Steve Briggs (@BryanBattersby) and Thrift by Phil Church (@philchurch77) . Both of them are very different but excellent reads that actually inspired me to want to write better and more often. (Hence the delay to this blog, I've been writing up a storm, when I'm not tweeting rubbish!)
Steve Briggs also kindly downloaded Rose and read it as well as leaving a fantastic review on Amazon.
This gives me hope for Ten Yen True, because despite not having had anything but rejections from Lit agents so far, I know that should we decide to go straight to Kindle, we could really push it via Twitter.
I never set out to make millions from my writing, though of course that would be lovely, it's just something I love doing.
So, when I write something like Ten Yen True that I am immensely proud of, I really want other people to read it and enjoy it as much as I did writing it.
So, for now, Christina and I wait on the last few Lit agents to get back to us, then make a decision, I guess.
Meanwhile, December Heart is coming along nicely and I'm hoping to be telling you it's done in the next blog. Judging by the infrequency and inconsistency of my blogs though, I could have written several more books by then! :-)
Bye for now x