Age is just a number right?
Only if you're too old to care or too young to know, in my opinion.
As I'm fast approaching a milestone birthday (the dreaded 40 in September) I'm not sure how I feel.
On the one hand I'm grateful for the experiences I have enjoyed and the confidence I feel, which as a 20/30 something year old I didn't.
And I love and admire all those women (and men) that say how grateful they are for every fun time that gave them another laughter line, but for me, memories should be in my head, not on my face!
I'm told "don't be silly, you don't look it!" and I certainly don't feel it, however it's a significant age all the same.
I'd be quite happy to, on the day, just quietly go about my usual business and let it pass. But it seems family and friends have other ideas (I've no idea what) so I have no choice but to embrace it.
And if I do something, I do it Mandy style, which is basically all or nothing.
So I've decided to embrace my 40th year and with a bang, I'm 40, not out, and this is where the fun begins... ;-)

Bye for now... x