Well once again it's been too long since my last post. Since then, I've been away for a couple of weeks, to Cyprus, which was very chilled. I've also been working hard on Seagull, a second collaboration with my aunt and the fourth book in the Ten Yen series.
Whilst away, my aunts book Ten Yen - The Making of a Monk was published. This is the prequel to Ten Yen True (our first collaboration).
A few people have asked when, how and who wrote what, so here's a brief explanation about the Ten Yen Series:

Christina St.Clair (my aunt) and I collaborated on Ten Yen True which was published Feb 2013.
Towards the end of 2013, we decided to co-write a sequel, Ten Yen Forever.

However, before we got started, Christina felt she would quite like to write a prequel. She wanted to tell the early life story about the old monk in TYT and why he became a monk. Hence, Ten Yen - The Making of a Monk.

Meanwhile, I wrote the sequel, Ten Yen Forever which is published on 1st Jan 2015 (ironically also my daughters birthday).
This story includes some of the original characters from Ten Yen True as well as some new ones and a darker plot.

We hadn't intended to write a fourth book in this series (this was initially the Ten Yen Trilogy) but when we began our new collaboration, the ten yen thread somehow found it's way back in.
So Seagull - Ten Yen Tokyo is currently underway and we're having fun with it.

Hope that clears it up, of course, you could always read them for a better understanding ;-)

Bye for now x