It's been too long since my last post but in my defence, I have been rather busy.
Ten Yen Forever was finally published on 29th December, yay! Slightly earlier than
the expected 1st Jan date but I've no complaints.
I won't have any sales figures until the end of this quarter but I'm hoping I've drummed 
up some interest. Sales for Ten Yen True were at their highest in this last quarter so slowly
but surely, word seems to getting about.
Since my last post, I also completed Seagull, my second and latest joint project with my aunt.
Except it's not called Seagull any more haha!
When we first started this novel, we had no intentions of bringing in the 'Ten Yen' theme, it was to be
a different story altogether. However, as we progressed, those damn coins crept back in! ;-) 
We couldn't resist one more 'ten yenner' though and Ten Yen Tokyo - The Miracles Continue is
a great story and we're immensely proud of it.
The publishers have accepted it, we've chosen the cover art and other than some potential final edits,
it's just a case of waiting for a publication date.
I don't want to immerse myself in a new novel just yet, whilst I still may have things to do on Ten Yen
Tokyo but I do need to keep writing.
So, I thought I'd write a series of short stories about an elderly woman with dementia.
Somebody close to me has been displaying symptoms for some time and without going into too much
detail, I find it cathartic to write about it.
The first instalment of Growing Old With Grace in the short stories section.
So that's me, just writing away and hoping people enjoy my words.

Bye for now... x