It's with a mixture of emotions that I am reaching the end of the sequel to TYT,  Ten Yen Forever. I'm both relieved that I am on track to meet my deadline and quite sad that the story is coming to an end. I have grown to love all of my characters, both old and new.
It feels like I am reaching the end of a journey that began back in May 2011, when the idea for Ten Yen True first arose. (See the post: Ten Yen True - The reality behind the fiction)
I should definitely be done with the first draft this week and then the editing process begins. Deep joy :-(
I am going away in the last week of October so will probably have to do some editing whilst away to ensure I am finished in time.
I'll also have to think about what my next project will be. I have some completed novels that still need tidying up before I send them out but I am feeling as if I want to start something completely new for now.
It feels very liberating to be thinking about starting a fresh new project as I wrap up the journey of my characters in Ten Yen Forever. Though I must admit, I shall shed a tear or two as I write their final chapter....
Bye for now..x