Well, it's been almost a month since I had the email from an interested publisher regarding Ten Yen True. It may just be that we are in a queue, waiting to be read, I don't know, but until we get a firm yes or no, I'm not giving up hope.
I am still editing December Heart but at a pretty slow pace, I can't seem to get motivated these days. :-(
I am tending to sit staring at the screen rather than actually editing the damn thing, not good. I may have to just start some new works as I have lots of ideas for a new novel. Perhaps that's why I can't concentrate on editing DH.
We'll see. I've tried to organise my diary for next week so that I have some good solid writing time to myself, so I'll keep you posted as to how that pans out.
Also, if I do hear anything on Ten Yen True in the meantime, you'll be the first to know! ;-)

Bye for now x