Hi. So last Friday, my daughter finished school for the summer. That's a nice feeling but this year has gone so quick! It seems like only a few months ago I was tweeting about how worried I was for her on her first day!
I just got home from visiting family in Swansea, Wales, which was a nice break, though apart from one day, the weather was pretty dire. However, I was cheered up by an email confirming that the publisher for Ten Yen True has now received our signed contracts. This means a publication date is imminent, which is so exciting!!
I'm now continuing to edit December Heart and also writing "Is it really you?" which seems to be coming along nicely.
I also, whilst away, had some ideas for a new book which I'm going to play around with and see where that takes me. Oh, how nice, not to have to set the alarm clock for a while. Summer holidays.........mmmmm :-)

Bye for now x