In the past few days, I have had some very special moments. Moments when my heart felt like it stopped in amazement and with excitement! Moments when I just stood and took in all that was around me and breathed and appreciated it. Really appreciated it.
The heart stopping moment came on Sunday night when I was out at Cafe de Paris in London at an awards ceremony held by a nail magazine that had placed my nail technicians salon as a finalist. I had previously been a hand model in a nail competition for my nail tech and she kindly invited me along. It was a fun night, obviously not my industry but I was with friends and having a good time. Then I received an e-mail from my aunt, Christina St.Clair regarding Ten Yen True. A publisher had finally expressed interest. I read the e-mail and said "Oh! Oh! I don't believe it!" My friends were concerned at first, until a grin spread across my face and I showed them my BlackBerry screen. Of course they were delighted for me and a little Champagne was called for! The full manuscript has now been formatted and sent to said publisher and we wait! Wha hey!
Ironically my aunt and I had discussed TYT on Friday and decided where we were going with it. It is, also ironically, exactly one year since the notion of TYT came about. (My dads birthday 21st May 2011- Read blog - "TYT Reality Behind the Fiction")
The second special moment was a very simple one but much more significant.
I had taken my four year old daughter Mia to school, as I always do, and as I stood watching her run around the playground with her friends, I had a sudden realization as to how quickly she has grown up. I watched this beautiful, sociable little girl playing happily and innocently with her friends and I got quite choked up. I felt so very proud to have been the person that brought her into this world. She is amazing and she lights up my life.
The recent special moment came just now! I am sitting in my garden, the sun is pretty much about to disappear, I am writing, the birds are still singing and I feel so at peace. I want to go and lay on the grass and laugh! Hope that doesn't sound too crazy but I am happy and grateful for all that I have and I wanted to share it.

Bye for now x