I have just realised it was a year ago yesterday that I discovered my debut novel, Rose, had become available on Amazon. I remember madly sending links to it on Facebook and I think that's when I started tweeting properly on Twitter, despite having had an account for 2 years!
I only know because I remember my pride being tainted with disgust for the rioters!

Anyway, since then, Rose sold ok. My percentage for royalties was unreportable really so to have received 3 royalty cheques thus far totalling about £100 isn't too bad, I like to think! ;-)
Bearing in mind, Rose was written 9 years ago and was, as I said, my first novel, I'm still proud. Sure, I re-read that book and cringe a little at some glaringly obvious mistakes, but hey, I wrote it.

I'm still waiting for a publication date for Ten Yen True, which I shall never cringe at! I am over the moon that a professional publisher has shown interest in us. I think it's my best work ever! I just want people to read it.

Works in progress: I've almost finished editing "December Heart" and am making waves with "Is It Really You?"
Aside from that I am experimenting with something entirely different for me. Won't say too much about it yet in case it comes to nothing but hey, watch this space........

I am off to The Land of Smiles (Thailand) in a week or so. Of course I'm taking my laptop. I intend to write my little heart out! And I shall of course blog whilst away, just to let you know how I'm getting on!

So that's it from me till I blog from the East.

Bye for now or should I say "sawatdee" x