You might notice this websites changed a bit. Only in that I've pinked it up big style! It's about the limit of my skills it seems. So whilst the website itself is pretty poor, at least now it's colourful! ;-)
Actually, I have added a few other bits too. A comment box on my blog page and a contact box on the home page.
In addition to that, which, by the way, took me forever, I've added a short story section.
The reason for this is that last week, I had a few ideas for some short stories but as I was busy editing Ten Yen Forever, I couldn't really do anything other than jot those ideas down.
Now, however, I've finished editing, yay, so I can finally get them into story form.
I do have an idea for another novel as well as some unfinished novels that I need to work on.
But, after such commitment and time to Ten Yen Forever, it feels pretty freeing to just write for the sheer pleasure of writing.
I shall also, no doubt, have TYF coming back and forth to me for various revisions before publishing so I don't want to commit to another novel just yet.
So, I'm giving myself a couple of weeks break to just enjoy penning a few short stories which I will share on here.
Hope you like...:-)

Bye for now x