It's been a tough few months since my last post. My dad has been seriously ill so my writing and any kind of normality was abandoned for a while. I'm happy to say my dads well on the road to recovery. In fact he told me last night that he'd been looking at my website (Hi Dad!) and enjoying my short stories.
I've just posted another short story 'Willow Lane'. I've no idea where the concept came from but I was encouraged to write and post another after one of my Twitter followers got in touch and asked me to do so.
And here I thought nobody read this! ;-)
So, along with the short story I am also now fully immersed again in Seagull, the new collaboration with my aunt.
Despite it being on the back burner for the last couple of months, we are back at it full force and I'm really enjoying it.
I've so missed writing and now my fingers are itching so on that note...

Bye for now :-) x