To spend the remainder of 2016 and the start of 2017 flying around on what, to me, were pretty scary rides at Disneyland Paris with my family was novel to me, to say the least! (I'm happy on the teacup ride)
But this wasn't just new year celebrations, it was also my daughter's 9th birthday. There was no teacup ride option for me here (God help me)! So I went with it.
I just shut my eyes and hoped for the best. Something I do with my writing, obviously not when I'm actually writing, but when I go to publish.
And now, with a newly finished book which is based on a true story, (details later) I'm about to go to publishing again. I'm always nervous but hopeful.  And I don't give up.
In fact, my daughter said to me on New Year's Day when she'd convinced me that the Tower of Terror wasn't terrifying; "keep your eyes open, Mum! Don't miss anything!"
And so I did, and it was ok. It really was. It was terrifying, but I did survive.
And I'm still here and I'm still writing.
I'm just writing :-) 

Laters x