So, settled with a glass of champagne, my phone on charge, I got chatting to other weary travellers. All of us discussing and complaining about our cancelled flights and intended journeys and of course I mentioned that I was going on a mini book tour. Fortunately this sparked some interest, and never one to miss an opportunity, I pulled out several copies of Ten Yen True from my laptop bag. "Want to buy one? Ten bucks each" Haha, and they were sold. Others said they would also download to their Kindles. People are so kind.
Anyway, some 12 hours later I was waiting in the departure gate for the Cincinnati flight and I got chatting with a lovely girl, Rebecca from Portland, Oregon. We had a good laugh (another potential book buyer?) and the nice check in guy switched our seats so that we could sit together on the plane. We had fun, swapped contact details and are going to keep in touch.
Then, finally landing in Cincinnati, I picked up my luggage, my little pink wheelie, and walked through arrivals. There were my aunt and uncle. Oh the relief to finally see them. I knew we were going to have fun.