All too soon, Tuesday arrived and it was time for me to leave Kentucky and head home. My trip had passed way too fast but I was looking forward to seeing my family.
This time I was flying home via Houston and I hoped my journey would be less eventful than the one over. Although, I did pack a couple of spare books in my bag, just in case another sales opportunity arose....;-)
I checked in at Lexington KY and the young check-in guy commented that he wished he was visiting England again. I felt a little pang for Blighty as I thanked him, smiled and headed through to departures.
The journey home was smooth and without delay and I was soon heading home from Heathrow through the usual heavy traffic.
I got home and waited for my daughter to get back from school. I was looking forward to some much missed hugs and kisses. She didn't disappoint. :-)
Since then I've been settling back into normal life but have had some interest in the book from local newspapers and publications. One of which is going to do an interview with me and is sending a photographer!! Gulp!
I've also been getting into the sequel of TYT. My aunt and I got some real solid plot plans down whilst I was in Kentucky and I'm feeling pretty excited about how it's all starting to come together.
I'm off on holiday next week but as usual I'll take my laptop. (Can't interrupt the flow!) I'll try and blog when I'm away but if not, I'll update you as to the progress of Ten Yen True when I'm back.
I hope you've enjoyed sharing my journey of Kentucky and the 'book tour'. I have.
Bye for now...x