At about one thirty on the Sunday afternoon, we set off for The Boyd County Public Library on Central Avenue in Ashland, Kentucky. It was a beautiful sunny day, which did make me wonder just how many people would show. After all, I love books, but I still don't think I'd want to spend such a glorious day in a library.
Still, I wasn't expecting too big a crowd anyway. This was a small town and we were keeping that in perspective.
My aunt and I had so far not stopped laughing since I'd arrived, and today was no different. We giggled like schoolgirls as we drove the short journey to the library.
As we entered the modern building, I was impressed by its vastness. It was bright and welcoming, as was the heavily pregnant lady that greeted us and showed us to where a little table had been set up for us.
We perched ourselves down, set up our books and some of the free promotional mousemats we were giving away on the desk and waited.
Considering it was a sunny Sunday afternoon, I was impressed with the amount of visitors that came. Of course, not all of them were there for us. In fact my aunt and I joked about the people that walked past trying to avoid eye contact with us!
Still, we had alot more interest than I expected. We sold some books too. One of which was to somebody that stood out to my aunt and I.
A lovely young girl, originally from Long Island New York who now lived in Ashland with her husband and her beautiful young son.
She told us that they spent most of their weekends in the library and I thought how wonderful that was for her child. (They have a play area there too.)
She said she had been looking forward to meeting us ever since the notices had gone up around town. I loved her enthusiasm.
Another visitor, who came in with her teenage children, also showed genuine interest in our book. However, she ended our conversation with, "well, you know I'd love to buy your book, but I really can't afford it."
Of course I took pity. "Here," I said, "have a free mouse mat."
"Great!" She beamed as she took it from me. "What is it?"
Yep, another great Mandy faux pas. The woman didn't have a computer!
This only created another round of uncontrollable giggles from my aunt and I! So much so that I had to step outside to calm down.
When I eventually returned, there was my aunt chatting on to some poor old lady that she had accosted.
"I can't leave you alone for five minutes, can I?!" I declared.
Cue another bout of laughter, this time also by the young military guy working the desk. At this point he offered us coffee, so I'm guessing we'd won him over!
At 4pm, we began to pack away our things. It had been a good turn out but mostly a fantastic experience. One that I hope to repeat soon.