Well that was one hell of a trip!
I'm going to tell you about my Kentucky trip in several parts, because there's lots to tell.
A 36 hour journey door to door after I got stuck at Chicago O'hare airport for 12 hours. I was supposed to have caught a connecting flight to Lexington, Kentucky on Thursday afternoon but they cancelled hundreds of flights out of Chicago due to storms. I was in the longest queue waiting to speak to an airline agent and eventually decided to call them whilst I waited. They helpfully told me they'd re-booked me on another flight to Lexington. Great, said I. On Sat at 6:30pm they said. Not so great, said I. In the end, I managed to get on a flight to Cincinnati, which also meant a 3 hour drive for my aunt to pick me up, plus that flight wasn't until much later that evening, so I initially decided I'd stay over in Cincinnati.
However, it would have meant a huge chunk out of my (already) short visit so the decision was made that my aunt would pick me up and we'd drive through the early hours back to her home.
After I'd got over my anger at this inconvenience, I figured I may as well just get on with it, there was nothing I could do. So, I took myself to the business lounge, a) because my phone needed charging and b) by this point I was in need of a stiff drink!