Yay!! Ten Yen True was finally released yesterday. It felt almost surreal. I barely slept on Tuesday night, waiting for it to appear on Amazon. I have been celebrating since last Friday so it's obviously been a hugely busy week.
I kept getting choked up throughout yesterday with so many well wishes and congratulations from friends, family and Twitter followers. I feel very blessed.
Last night I went out with my family for dinner to celebrate and my dad said that just that day he had finished reading Ten Yen True and had cried his eyes out. Not because it's that bad!! Mind you, he's a sentimental old bugger anyway! Haha!
So for now, I'm going to continue celebrating and  enjoying the limelight whilst I can. From Monday though, its back to Ten Yen Forever, the sequel, and some hard work.
I hope you enjoy reading the new book. Me? I'm off for some more bubbles......

Bye for now x