Yay! I woke up on Saturday morning to an e-mail from my aunt telling me that yes indeed, the publisher who had requested the full manuscript of Ten Yen True wanted to go ahead. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing I am feeling at the moment! I signed what I feel is a pretty decent contract and posted it to my aunt in the U.S to sign and send back to publisher. Woop woop! I've said before, I'm not in this to make money but I am so proud of Ten Yen True, as I am all of my work, I want it out there to be read and enjoyed. And now, it will be. This makes me happy!
So as soon as I have the date that TYT is available, I'll be writing about it here as well as lots of promotional tweets, which is bound to lose me some non-writer followers. Though, I know, the non writer followers that stay, well they are also my friends, and hopefully, my readers, right? ;-)
My aunt and I have pretty much agreed on a cover design for the book, so it's all hapening at quite a pace and like I say, I'll let you know when its out.
Meanwhile, I continue to edit December Heart (or as I now think of it, December half-heartedly ;-( )  Too much going on, so much more I need to write. I'll get there!
Bye for now x