There's something about a new year that, for me, feels like wiping the slate clean and starting afresh with a blank page.
That's a little how it feels for me to finish a novel. It's almost as if I can say; "Right, you're done, it's time for me to leave you behind. I created you and nurtured you, now go out into the big wide world and do your thing." Haha!
The freedom to sit at my laptop with a blank screen is quite exhilarating and something that I'm going to do once I've finished writing this.
I've no idea what I'm going to write. It might be a short story, it might be the beginnings of a new novel. Of course, it may also be a pile of rubbish, but that's the beauty of writing just for the hell of writing.
So happy new year to you. Enjoy filling your blank pages ;-)

Bye for now x