Knew I wouldn't blog till the new year! Lots of things have been happening though, Ten Yen True is all set for release on 20th February. I received my printed test copy to read through and check for any errors before the publishers send it to print. It's great! It felt so good to finally be able to hold my book physically in my hands. I especially love our dedication - To anyone who ever lost hope. It really is a story of hope and love and I actually got choked up when reading it again!
 I'm now looking at extra ways of promoting it, via virtual book tours,social networks etc.
I have also booked a trip to visit my aunt in Kentucky in April so that we can celebrate our achievement together and have a little book launch party. Little old me going on a 'business' trip!! How very grown up! I must confess I feel a little guilty at leaving my family behind but this is something I have to do for me.
Aside from my other work previously mentioned, my aunt and I have been bouncing ideas around for a sequel to TYT, Ten Yen Forever. It seemed appropriate to strike whilst the iron is hot and if people enjoy TYT, it will be good to keep momentum up with the second novel.
It's all very exciting and it's good to have the creative juices flowing during these cold dark winter days. I get goosebumps when I sit down to write, nothing to do with the weather!
So I'll blog again real soon, but if I dont, it's only because I'm busy tapping away....:-)

Bye for now x