I'm just realising how much of a lazy blogger I am!  Hahaha! I actually have not written at all this weekend, I've been so busy.
Horse riding again this morning for my 4 year old daughter Mia, and I. I've been riding for a long time now but my aim is to get Mia to a level where we can go out together on a hack. Especially when the sun is shining down like it was so beautifully today. She seems a natural in the saddle though, like her mummy, so here's hoping.
Had a rejection during the week from a U.S Literary agent via my aunt, it was disappointing but at the same time a very positive rejection (oxy-moron?).
So, in regards to Ten Yen True, we sit and wait in hope. (Must tell you how that came about, not today though)
Meanwhile, I am still writing December Heart which is a story about fantasy becoming reality, and I am also writing Is It Really You? which is more of a romantic comedy. It's strange but my mood kind of directs which novel I'm going to work on. They are so different but are both coming on at some pace. (apart from my lack of writing this weekend, oops!)
So school holidays start now, which means, for me, no daytime writing but probably a few late nights of writing (weird tweets then!)
I plan in the next three weeks to get December Heart completed and ready for edit and t'other one, maybe halfway through writing stage. (so when I get bored editing DH, I can still write!)
So that's that then! It's weird to be writing a blog when you're pretty sure no-one is actually reading it anyway. Almost like talking to yourself! Actually, feels quite therapeautic! :-) Bye for now x