So this morning I had a meeting with a local author in regards to arranging an evening of local literature.
We hope to set up an event in Bexley that gives other writers and aspiring authors the chance to come along and read and discuss their work.
The plan is to hold it in March, on World Book Day, and to hopefully engage the local press to help create some interest.
It's obviously in the very early stages of planning but I'm excited about having a new project to focus on in the New Year. I'll also combine this as a book signing and reading of my own novel.
It would be really great to discover and build a community of writers local to me and will hopefully lead to more reading sessions.
Meanwhile, I have a few further revisions to make on Ten Yen Forever, which with Christmas fast approaching, is proving difficult, time wise.
However, I am somehow finding time here and there to work on those revisions and am desperate to get it finished before Christmas as it feels like a bit of a weight over me at the moment.
So with that in mind, I'll get back to it....

Bye for now x