So a couple of weeks ago I was considering a potential new project with my aunt and now here I am right in the middle of one.
Seagull - An Impossible Love.
Shortly after my last post, my aunt emailed me the beginnings of this story and asked if I was interested in working together.
I read the few pages my aunt had written and instantly had so many ideas as to where this could go.
Those ideas have not stopped flowing from both of us and every day since has seen at least one chapter from each of us winging its way (metaphorically) across the Atlantic.
It feels so good to be caught up in something that excites and motivates me as much as Ten Yen True did.
It also helps to work with a partner as you can't slack when somebody else is waiting on you.
Not to mention that my aunt and I work so well together. We just seem to bounce off each other and the results will (hopefully) prove this.
I have tried to add a couple of snippets on my previews page but what with me and my tech skills, it's just not happening. I'll work it out soon though..;-)

Bye for now x